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Reconciliation Action Plan Australia - Reflect Stage


This Reflect RAP looks at our reconciliation journey thus as far as well as sets out new actions to contribute towards reconciliation in Australia and the difference we can all collectively make.

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ASI’s First Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

This is an important step for our company which works to deliver change, ever mindful of the involvement of the communities we serve and the impact of our presence. This RAP is our first official and significant step toward reconciliation in Australia.

In 2019, ASI’s leadership resolved to strengthen our corporate approach to Indigenous engagement throughout the Asia Pacific region and to build upon our support for reconciliation in Australia.

ASI recognises our responsibility to promote economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as well as the inherent value that greater engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suppliers, contractors, advisers and employees provides to ASI as we grow our business in Australia.



  • Foreword from the CEO
  • Message from Reconciliation Australia
  • Our Business
  • Our RAP

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