About us

ASI is a global advisory company that works locally to transform lives by making economies stronger, societies more stable, and governments more effective.

Our clients are governments, international organisations, companies, and foundations. They come to us to develop strategies and to design, deliver and evaluate programmes that address the big challenges facing the world.

As a company with experience of delivering lasting results, including in fragile states and where there is conflict, we are prepared to manage a high level of risk to achieve our purpose.

For nearly three decades in almost 100 countries, we have been working in partnership with governments, the private sector and civil society in countries at all stages of development.

Our Team

Our core team of staff and technical experts, in multiple offices around the world, ensures the quality of delivery and high ethical standards that we and our clients require.

We bring together a global network of specialist experts, who contribute their experience and know-how, where and when it is needed.



Our business

ASI is owned and operated by its employees. We are committed to corporate integrity and a triple bottom line of social, environmental and financial performance.

That is the way we work and that commitment was formally recognised when we became a certified B Corp. The certification indicates we balance profit and purpose through the highest standards of transparency and accountability as well as social and environmental performance.

See our B Corp Declaration >

We are also a participant in the UN Global Compact, which certifies our respect for standards of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.

By sharing our knowledge and experience, we help to improve learning in our industry, as well as the positive impact we can have on people’s lives.

We are strategic, operational, and on a mission to take on global challenges.

Think. Deliver. Transform.

We think creatively about complex problems.
We deliver change through global and local partnerships.
We transform lives through the impact of our work.
Think. Deliver. Transform.

Our Values


Bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and adopting an inclusive approach to work.

  • Communicating effectively
  • Sharing information
  • Building relationships


Creating lasting impact in complex, challenging situations and using resources responsibly, being accountable to and making decisions in line with our triple bottom of people, planet and profit.

  • Acting responsibly
  • Prioritising purpose
  • Measuring progress


Finding new ways to create value through innovative thinking, technology, and better ways of working.

  • Challenging the status quo
  • Making it personal
  • Learning from others

ASI and respect for the Environment

At ASI, sustainability is core business and also reflects the way we operate as a certified B Corp. Across the globe we are improving our practices as part of our strategic objective to be carbon neutral by 2025 and a net positive contributor to the environment by 2028.

Among our initiatives to reduce our carbon use, including a concerted effort to reduce our international travel, we have teamed up with Climate Care to offset the carbon emissions from those unavoidable flights. Climate Care’s simple emissions calculator helps to reduce the negative effects of climate change in a way that improves lives of the most vulnerable.



See Climate Change

Project Case Study


A better
civil service

Effective state-building

We help governments to be effective, efficient, and accountable to the public – from enhancing education systems to designing the structures of governance.


Infrastructure Development

We improve water, sewage, transport, telecommunication and electricity systems, introducing renewable energy, and adapting to climate change.


See Infrastructure Services


Women in Mining

Can a mining law unlock the potential of women?

Extractives impact

Helping communities to share in returns from extractive industries, making sure that mining laws are fair, the environment is protected, and people are consulted about oil, gas and mining projects.


Public financial management

We help authorities to collect taxes more equitably, spend taxpayers’ money more effectively, and stamp out corruption so that the public has confidence that governments are treating all parts of society fairly.

See Public Financial Management Services


Thinking and Doing Anti-Corruption Differently

Project Case Study

Market Access

Using technology to drive inclusive and sustainable growth in India

Economic transformation

We enable sectors to flourish and small businesses to thrive without obstacles, by encouraging investment, trade and employment, and by facilitating the development of commercial agriculture.


Governance and Stability

We implement programmes to instil basic safety and security – from community policing in lawless regions, to helping former-insurgents to integrate as good citizens into post-war mainstream society.


See Justice, Security & Peacebuilding Services