Corporate positions

We offer you a dynamic career and the opportunity to work on a highly successful portfolio of award-winning international programmes.

We’ve built a culture to reflect our values, full of likeminded people who are smart, passionate and great at what they do.

Working in our team brings a rewarding career offering responsibility, intellectual stimulation, travel, variety and many challenges often in fast moving, highly politicised and complex environments. Critically, what we do really matters and has an impact on societies and individuals – our purpose is to support the strengthening of societies around the world. We can – and do – improve the lives of many people in many different countries.

Across the team, individuals at all levels are given the opportunity to shape, control and deliver large projects across a range of services.

Each team member is carefully selected, based not just on their technical ability, but on their proven experience. This in turn allows us to give our people considerable empowerment and a remarkable degree of freedom. It’s this combination that ensures we deliver real societal impact and measurable results beyond those anticipated.

Current Openings

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Joining us

Our recruitment process is designed to be efficient, fair and transparent, giving you an opportunity to learn as much about us as we do about you. The breadth of opportunities at Adam Smith International means that we use a number of different methods.

There are a number of stages, each giving you the chance to meet with various colleagues. Please do use each opportunity to ask questions, explore further and get to know us. Broadly speaking, we follow the structure below.

Recruitment Process

Initial CV Screen

When you submit your CV, it will be assessed by the relevant member of our recruitment team, who will have been fully briefed to correlate your experience with the job. The more information you provide to demonstrate a good match the better.


We will conduct a telephone interview and depending on the seniority of the role, varying number of interviews. Our interviews are competency-based and are conducted by a trained interviewer (either a recruiter or manager depending on the role).

Final assessment

The final stage will be a more in-depth discussion of your experience. You may also be asked to make a presentation or take part in a group discussion. This will be with key people and often a team leader who you will work for if you are successful.