Project positions

As our project portfolio expands, we want to continue to work with the brightest, best and most experienced people.

We are constantly on the lookout for project staff and associates who have the skills and know-how to add to our growing pool of talent.

We see Adam Smith International’s family of project staff and associates as our most important resource and have invested over two decades in building a cadre of project managers to support our teams in the field and light touch systems and procedures to ensure they can focus on technical challenges without having to worry about logistics and administration.

When it comes to technical delivery we give our project staff and associates high levels of influence and responsibility. They have the opportunity to represent us at the highest levels of government and industry and we trust that this opportunity and responsibility will be repaid.

Project staff and associates are supported by our full time team, based largely out of our headquarters in London, along with office locations in Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, India and Nepal. Our senior management is an active and approachable team who keep a close eye on our work. Our work impacts directly upon the well-being of some of the world’s most vulnerable people, so it is essential that our project staff and associates focus on the potential for positive impact in the work they do and deliver meaningful results.

Our work is important and our teams often engage in issues of significant geo-political interest. Many of our project staff and associates have received national awards and honours in recognition for the work they do.

What we look for

We look particularly for consultants who can combine their technical expertise with sensitivity, empathy and diplomacy with a calm, politically savvy and pragmatic approach.

Adam Smith International and the teams that represent us often operate in intense, highly political and unpredictable environments.

We understand this: part of the commitment that underpins the relationship between Adam Smith International and our consultants is an undertaking by us to go the extra mile to mitigate the risks and difficulties faced in the field, to minimise the burden of unnecessary administration and to pay in a timely fashion. The latter point, we understand well, is of particular importance to the freelance consultant.

We are always interested in hearing from people with 5+ years of experience in one of the specific technical fields in which we work.

If you think you have the necessary qualities to be an asset to Adam Smith International, we would like to hear from you. We may contact you immediately, but we also have ongoing needs for our ever-increasing project portfolio, so we maintain a database of consultants who are contacted about opportunities as they arise.

Current positions

Market Systems Development (MSD) Adviser

Position: Market Systems Development (MSD) Adviser

Duration: Until 30 June 2022

Program: Strongim Bisnis

Location: Honiara, Solomon Islands with provincial travel

The MSD Adviser will share responsibility with the BPD for the technical design and implementation of MSD strategies for Strongim Bisnis, including identifying and developing strong partnerships with businesses, relevant associations and Solomon Islands Government (SIG) to deliver inclusive and resilient growth. The program has recently updated its market systems analyses (MSAs) for cocoa, coconut products and tourism and researched new MSAs for horticulture, financial services, timber and waste management. These and program learning from Phase One will guide the Adviser’s initial work program and approach.

If you are interested, then please read on.

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Postion:  Risk and Assurance Officer – SSF

Location:  Nairon, Kenya with visits to Somalia

The Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) is a multi-donor fund working towards a peaceful, secure, and stable Somalia, and the Risk and Assurance Officer position will provide support and oversight through individual investments and across the allocated investment portfolio ensuring that fiduciary risk and due diligence work streams are proactively delivered and managed.

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Procurement Adviser-R4D2

Position Title: Procurement Adviser

ARF Classification: C3

Position Location: R4D2 Head Office Port Vila Vanuatu, travel to Provinces as required

Reports to: Senior Engineering Adviser

Duration: Long term until 30 June 2022.

Location: Port Vila, Vanuatu

Job Specification:

The responsibility of the Procurement Adviser is to provide oversight, technical assistance, guidance and mentoring to the Public Works Department (PWD) Divisional offices to support capacity building of staff and the Department as a Network Manager.

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Social Protection Expert - TIPF


Location:  Home-based

The Social Protection Component of ILED is the largest component in the Programme due to the 27 million SAGAL project implemented by the Cash Consortium, with Concern Worldwide as the lead agency. In tandem with the SAGAL project, the TIPF will provide technical assistance on social protection to the EU Delegation, the Social Safety Nets Donor Working group (SSN DWG) and the Government of Somalia. The services will include coordination of SSN DWG, analytical work on social protection and Real Time Learning. This TIPF contract will independently verify the impact, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Social Transfer project, and to advise the EUDEL and the DWG on whether adjustments in approaches need to be made. The Social Protection Team will provide Real Time Learning feedback to the EUDEL on how the interventions in the different corridors are supporting the priorities set out in the Social Protection Policy and Implementation Framework.

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Social Protection Coordinator - TIPF

Position: Social Protection Coordinator -TIPF

Location: Home-based

Under the Inclusive Local and Economic Development (ILED) programme, the Territorial Integration
and Planning Facility (TIPF) was established to provide technical advice and operational support to
the European Union Delegation to Somalia and as well as to government counterparts. The TIPF
will ensure synergies with other donors and programmes, will help identify territorial priorities across four
target corridors, and will conduct context, sectoral and political economy analyses in order to allow the ILED
programme to address critical gaps The TIPF is specifically tasked to achieve the following results:
Support for the coordination and management of ILED Programme in all corridors
Formulation of territorial plans and sectoral projects ensuring consistency, coherence and sequencing of
Mainstreaming cross-cutting issues which include gender, human rights, inclusivity, environmental and
climate change across ILED interventions and other EU Programmes. Specific focus is also given to
women, youth and marginalized groups

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Chief of Party

Position:  Chief of Party

The Chief of Party will supervise all technical and operational aspects of the activity and acts as the primary liaison with USAID in Liberia for technical and operational matters. The COP will be responsible for setting the vision for the activity and leading a multidisciplinary team to engage with government, donor and community stakeholders. The COP will coordinate day-to-day implementation and all management matters relating to the contract.

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Deputy Chief of Party - Monrovia, Liberia

Position: Deputy Chief of Party

Location: Monrovia, Liberia

ASI is seeking candidates for the role of Deputy Chief of Party to provide leadership and management of a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded activity to support improved protected area management through the development of livelihoods in Liberia.

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Workstream Lead : Market Systems Development - Durba (Haut-Uélé Province)

Position: Workstream Lead : Market Systems Development

Location: Durba (Haut-Uélé Province)

Adam Smith International is recruiting a full time MSD Lead to work on an upcoming USAID programme to bring together a group of local actors from the private sector, civil society, government, and donors to establish a shared view of development for the region surrounding Garamba National Park.


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Expression of Interest: Technical Services - Development of Government Procurement Portal

Position: Expression of Interest: Technical Services – Development of Government Procurement Portal

Location: Somalia


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Expression of Interest, Technical Services – Development of Government Procurement Portal (Clarifications)

Expression of Interest, Technical Services – Development of Government Procurement Portal (Clarifications)

Location: Somalia


In reference to the Expression of Interest: Technical Services – Development of Government Procurement Portal, published 21st April 2021, a number of queries with respective clarifications have been received. Please click on visual text to view them.

Call for National Consultants – Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builders in Africa

Call for National Consultants – Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builders in Africa

Location: Flexible within Africa

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Senior Risk and Assurance Officer - SSF

Position:  Senior Risk and Assurance Officer

Location: Nairobi, Kenya with some travel to Somalia

SSF is looking for a  Senior Risk and Assurance Officer to

provide support and oversight through individual investments and across the allocated investment portfolio ensuring that fiduciary risk and due diligence work streams are proactively delivered and managed.

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Joining us

Our recruitment process is designed to be efficient, fair and transparent, giving you an opportunity to learn as much about us as we do about you. The breadth of opportunities at Adam Smith International means that we use a number of different methods.

There are a number of stages, each giving you the chance to meet with various colleagues. Please do use each opportunity to ask questions, explore further and get to know us. Broadly speaking, we follow the structure below.

Recruitment Process

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When you submit your CV, it will be assessed by the relevant member of our recruitment team, who will have been fully briefed to correlate your experience with the job. The more information you provide to demonstrate a good match the better.


We will conduct a telephone interview and depending on the seniority of the role, varying number of interviews. Our interviews are competency-based and are conducted by a trained interviewer (either a recruiter or manager depending on the role).

Final assessment

The final stage will be a more in-depth discussion of your experience. You may also be asked to make a presentation or take part in a group discussion. This will be with key people and often a team leader who you will work for if you are successful.