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Revenue Mobilisation, Investment and Trade Programme for an Equitably Prosperous Pakistan

Revenue Mobilisation, Investment and Trade Programme for an Equitably Prosperous Pakistan

Pakistan is undergoing a severe economic crisis and the economic reform agenda of the REMIT programme is playing an important part to improve revenue mobilization and investment climate in the country. The programme is working with key federal government economic ministries and the Prime Minister’s Office to provide TA to help build capacity and undertake interventions. ASI is the commercial supplier partner of the REMIT programme while some components of the programme are implemented by the World Bank and International Trade Center.

Project Info

Revenue Mobilisation, Investment and Trade Programme


  • 2022-2025



What we did about it

The REMIT programme started its implementation phase in March and worked on building ownership for the programmes interventions within key ministries. The recent floods in Pakistan – the most devastating in history – made the programme add the flood pivot and support activities to help government identify the early estimates of loss, and design relief and rehabilitation measures. Working with the Federal Board of Revenue, Board of Investment and Finance Ministry, the programme has initiated important work for economic reform in the country which includes taxation reforms and easing regulatory burden for businesses.

The programme has also kept gender and inclusion as a very important agenda for all its interventions. It has also found considerable success, including the first ever gender audit for any public sector entity in Pakistan.

REMIT is seen as a flagship FCDO economic reform programme in the country and has now being tasked with the important national economic consensus initiative that would involve putting all key players (political, bureaucratic and business) to agree on areas of cooperation and depoliticising economic policy for bringing stability to the country.

What the project has achieved (thus far):

In a short span of 8 months the ASI component of the REMIT programme has been able to put up an impressive portfolio of work. The work and the pictures have been documented in the link below.


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