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Project Case Study

Public Resource Management in Somalia (Phase 2)

Developing Somalia's Public Administration for Legitimacy, Stability, and Economic Resilience.

Somalia is one of the world’s poorest and most fragile states. Over half the population live below the poverty line, only 40% are literate and nearly one in seven is internally displaced as a result of conflict and climate shocks. The country also has widespread inequality, persistent humanitarian crises, and a weak productive economy.

Despite these challenges, Somalia has seen important progress in recent years. Notably, Somalia accessed debt relief under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative in 2020, an indication of increasing confidence in its governance. Further efforts are needed to ensure progress is sustained and advanced, the HIPC process is completed and citizens develop greater trust in the State’s ability to provide services and ensure stability.

Project Info

Public Resource Management in Somalia Phase 2 (PREMIS 2)


  • 2022—2025



  • FCDO, UK Government

The Project

Starting in October 2022 with a budget of £9 million over three years, ASI and its national partner, KasmoDev, will provide technical assistance to governments in Somalia at both Federal and State level, with the aim of strengthening Domestic Revenue Mobilisation (DRM), (and in particular customs modernisation), enhancing Public Financial Management (PFM) and advancing fiscal federalism. The programme will also support civil service reforms, with particular emphasis on building capacity of women in government.

With FCDO proposing to move out of bilateral programming with Somalia in this area at the end of this programme, PREMIS2 will be coordinating with key international partners such as the World Bank, IMF and EU, to ensure that the appropriate linkages are made to ensure sustained future progress of PFM, DRM and macroeconomic development in Somalia.


What the project has achieved so far / intends to achieve:

The programme started in October 2022 and will contribute to the achievement of:

  • More equitable revenue sharing agreements and transparent fiscal transfers in Somalia
  • Enhanced harmonisation and transparency of Public Resource Management in Somalia
  • Successful achievement of HIPC Completion Point.

All of the above leading to:

  • A more effective and trusted federated public administration, that contributes to the conditions necessary for building greater legitimacy, stability and economic resilience in Somalia

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