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Project Case Study

Improving Revenue Collection in Sierra Leone

Provision of technical assistance to the Sierra Leone National Revenue Authority

The National Revenue Authority (NRA) has supported the government to increase revenue as a proportion of GDP to around 13%. Nevertheless, this compares unfavourably with sub-Saharan averages.

Revenue mobilisation is a key instrument for the Government of Sierra Leone in achieving its ambitions for poverty reduction and increasing fiscal independence.

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Revenue for Prosperity


  • Sierra Leone National Revenue Authority

We are currently implementing a DFID programme to support the NRA and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development to strengthen governance and transparency of revenue collection, improving the operating culture and systems, and increasing taxpayer compliance.

We are addressing a number of key areas necessary to improve revenue mobilisation, including improving the current legislative and tax policy framework, improving governance and organisational effectiveness, supporting the implementation of integrated IT systems for revenue, introducing risk profiling for all tax types and modernising domestic tax administration to strengthen voluntary compliance.

Key results to date:

  • Helped NRA exceed revenue collections target in 2015 by 7.5%;
  • Improved management of arrears, including reducing indirect tax arrears by $12m;
  • Enhanced border control through improved processes and risk management;
  • Improved trade facilitation through streamlined customs procedures, capacity building and introduction of ‘Pre-arrivals checks, Blue lane and the Gold Card and Cargo Tracking Schemes’;
  • Estimated tax gaps and supported development of new policy measures, expected to yield up to $5m in 2017;
  • Improved Revenue Authority strategic planning and developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Improved internal audit processes across NRA;
  • Staff of NRA trained including Training-of-Trainers to improve sustainable capacity building;
  • Improved IT systems for NRA Domestic Tax Dept., giving NRA the capacity to deliver accurate and timely lodgement, payment and management data on its taxpayers;
  • Improved taxpayer service to encourage voluntary compliance through implementing a new Call Centre, re-designing tax returns and production of various guides and business briefs;
  • Improved tax audit performance through establishing risk profiling and risk management assurance programmes; and
  • Improved taxpayer registration and processing.

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