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Vocational training in India

Offering training schemes to displaced enterprise workers

During the 1990s, extensive public sector enterprise reforms took place in India. These reforms were economically necessary, but often left large numbers of workers unemployed.

To mitigate these effects, we were asked to design and implement a groundbreaking Vocational Training and Social Safety Net Programme, which focused on former state enterprise employees in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha (formerly known as Orissa).

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Vocational training in India


During the design phase of this project, an Adam Smith International team undertook a review of all training and further education institutions within each state.

We then designed an innovative programme which used a range of techniques, such as performance-based contracting and vouchers for workers to ensure that it met the needs and aspirations of those affected. It offered them a degree of personal choice that was lacking in other similar schemes in India and elsewhere in South Asia.

During the implementation phase, counselling and retraining in a variety of marketable skills was provided to over 30,000 workers over a period of 5 years.

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