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Using Information on Results in Program Management

The case of Samarth-NMDP in Nepal

This case is one of ten cases that have been developed by Hans Posthumus Consultancy in collaboration with programs around the world.

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Using Information on Results in Program Management

This case describes how the program has addressed a typical challenge in results measurement. The aim of the case is to provide insights that will be useful to other practitioners facing a similar challenge.

Using information effectively to help manage a program enables the program team to build on what is working and to change or discontinue what is not.

This adaptation is critical to ensuring that the program maximizes long-term, positive impacts within the time and money available. However, many programs find it challenging to effectively analyze and use the information they gather.



  • The challenge
  • Introduction to Samarth NMDP
  • The Challenge of Using Information in Samarth
  • How Samarth uses information in program managemen
  • Using information to manage strategy in the mechanization sector
  • Lessons and Benefits
  • Annexes

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