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Case Study

Recognising media as a key driver of change

Making Media Work For The Poor

The work of ENABLE has significant potential to be built upon; not only in increased replication of small business and agricultural reporting but also in new advocacy areas such as health, education and governance.

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The ENABLE approach

The underlying premise for sustainability in media is simple: media coverage that focuses on the real issues that impact on how the majority of Nigerian’s make their living, and which does this in a dynamic and relevant way, will gain significant audience.

These popular media products will then attract advertisers and sponsorship.

In other words, effective programmes that focus on the livelihoods of the poor can be both popular and profitable for media houses.

Case Study


  • Executive Summary
  • Part 1: The role of the Media in promoting a better business environment
  • Part 2: The ENABLE strategy and approach to media development
  • Part 3: Results
  • Part 4: Lessons learnt and way forward

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