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Getting to Scale O6 2016

Lessons in reaching scale in Private Sector Development programmes

In the PSD space, over the last two decades much thinking has been done about how best to reach scale.

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Getting to Scale O6 2016

Many PSD programmes aim to achieve scale in this catalytic way:

  • Market Systems Development (MSD) or
  • Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) programmes, challenge funds, and impact investment vehicles.

Although getting to scale is an explicit aim of nearly all such programmes, surprisingly little has been written about the different scaling strategies available, or the experiences of programmes (positive and negative) in getting to scale.

The aim of this paper is to contribute to filling this evidence gap.



  • Executive Summary
  • Section A: Strategies for Getting to Scale
  • Section B: Lessons in Getting to Scale
  • Section C: Conclusion - Implications for practitioners & donors
  • ANNEX: Innovation Diffusion Tracking Tool
  • References and End Notes

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