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Exploring empowerment outcomes for poor women participating in commercial maize production


Capturing under-utilised female talent, realising productivity gains & supporting women adopt more beneficial roles

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ÉLAN RDC’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Learning Series:
Case Study 1

Introducing ÉLAN RDC

ÉLAN RDC is a DFID-funded market systems programme working across ten highly differentiated and geographicallydispersed provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The programme uses a facilitative and incentive-driven approach to address systemic constraints and structural barriers preventing poor people from benefiting from market systems.

ÉLAN RDC works across six market groupings: access to finance (branchless banking and SMEs), perennial agriculture, non-perennial agriculture, river transport, renewable energy, and the business enabling environment. The primary objective of the programme is to increase incomes of incomes of 1.4 million poor men and women cumulatively by £138 million by 2021.



  • Background
  • The intervention in close-up
  • Research purpose and methodological approach
  • Research findings
  • Conclusions

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