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Embedding Inclusivity into Infrastructure Development

Gender and Inclusion Responsive Programming: Drawing on Experience and Expertise

ASI’s approach to mainstreaming equality, diversity and social inclusion considerations draws on the lessons we have learnt during our extensive experience designing and delivering inclusive infrastructure programmes for bilateral and multilateral governments worldwide.

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Sharing knowledge and lessons from embedding inclusivity into infrastructure programmes worldwide

Infrastructure has the potential to drive sustainable, transformative and inclusive economic growth, through fostering gender equality, empowering marginalised groups, and increasing social inclusion for people living with disabilities. 

Adam Smith International recognises the transformative potential that ambitious infrastructure has in supporting the empowerment of women and marginalised groups. Our participatory, multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral approach to gender equality, diversity and inclusion throughout our programme design and implementation helps clients and partners to successfully integrate gender and social inclusion concerns and build on women’s unique knowledge and perspectives. 

In this report we are sharing our views, lessons and best practices from embedding inclusivity into infrastructure programmes around the globe.

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