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Annual Impact Report 2020

Celebrating Impact as a Certified B Corp

In September 2020, ASI celebrated its first anniversary as a certified B Corp. In this report you can read about our social and environmental impact we have achieved since our certification.

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Annual Impact Report 2020

In September 2020, ASI celebrated the end of its first year as a certified B Corp.  As part of this milestone, our Annual Impact Report details our achievements and lessons learned over the course of our first year as a B Corp.

We are incredibly proud of the work done by our people around the world over the past year. We’ve made great progress towards achieving our purpose of transforming lives and delivering on our triple bottom line. We have set up important bodies, networks and mechanisms that allow our company and staff to discuss topics that matter and commit to actions across a variety of different areas, such as diversity and inclusion, gender equality, staff participation and environmental policies – to name just a few. We’ve become an active player in the global B Corp community and are playing our part in a number of important initiatives, such as committing to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2025.

There is still plenty to do, but this report marks the end of an impactful first year as a B Corp.



  • Welcome Message
  • CEO Statement
  • Five Lessons & Five Commitments
  • ASI's Global Presence & B Impact Scores
  • Supporting the UN SDGs
  • Introduction PEOPLE
  • Interview with Ally Arnall, Head of People & Talent
  • The Happiness Factor
  • Promoting Mental Health
  • Fostering Diversity & Inclusion
  • The Women Leaders Sponsorship Programme
  • Employee Engagement & Staff Council
  • Introduction PLANET
  • Corporate Environmental Initiatives
  • ASI Projects with an Environment Focus
  • Introduction PARTNERSHIPS
  • Interview with Nick Haslam, Head of Programme Partnerships
  • ASI Projects with a Partnership Focus

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