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Using technology to drive inclusive and sustainable growth in India

Supporting the design of three flagship technology interventions under the UK-India Tech Partnership

India’s transformation into a middle-income country has yet to fully benefit all of its citizens, with one in five people still classed as living below the poverty line. In order to raise the income of at least 50% of Indians to levels of the global middle class, the Indian economy needs at least 8 per cent growth for the next three decades. For India to meet these growth targets, it needs innovation-driven solutions, more entrepreneurship, and start-ups to drive technology-led growth. A digital transformation could add an estimated £119bn to India’s economy, and increase the growth rate by 1% annually.

Project info

Provision of Strategic and Economic Cases for Technological Interventions to drive inclusive and sustainable growth and development in India


  • 2018 - 2019

The UK-India Tech Partnership, announced by the Prime Ministers of the UK and India in April 2018, is a government-wide programme comprising seven project strands designed to strengthen the UK-India relationship by positioning technology as the UK’s unique offer to India.

The UK Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport engaged Adam Smith International to support in the design of three interventions under the UK-India Tech Partnership. Over three months, ASI deployed teams across India and the UK to design the interventions and provide inputs into the business case. We conducted detailed economic research and analysis of the technology sector in India and led extensive stakeholder consultations, with more than 60 stakeholders among government, donors, and the private sector in India and the UK, to inform the design of the programme.

The three interventions aim to support India achieve its growth potential. The programme will catalyse innovation and technology to drive inclusive and sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in India, by supporting entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups across India’s technology ecosystems. The programme will also encourage prosperity by improving the commercial environment so that international businesses, including UK companies, can compete favourably to bring innovations, technology, partnerships and capital into the Indian market.


  • The project has developed aspects of the business case to unlock funding for the future programme

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