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Transport development support to TradeMark East Africa

Supporting TradeMark East Africa to speed up trade across the region

TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) is an initiative funded by a range of development agencies to promote regional and economic integration in East Africa by working closely with the East African Community Institutions, national government, business and society organisations.

TMEA seeks to support East African integration by unlocking the economic potential of countries through a number of initiatives, among them strengthening national capacities for policy sector and civil society.

Adam Smith International was appointed by TMEA in 2012 to provide institutional and capacity building support to TMEA and its partners across several sectors, through a call-down mechanism. The goal of the framework is to enable TMEA to source projects that help reduce the cost of transportation and increase trade competitiveness along the key trade corridors in East Africa.

Project info

Transport development support to TradeMark East Africa


  • 2012-2016



  • TMEA

The framework was designed for a wide variety of programmes and projects, including infrastructure development such as one-stop border posts, organisational development and reform with regional integration and trade related public sector organisations, implementation of advocacy campaigns by civil society and the private sector, and organisational development of civil society organisations.

The programme is ongoing and we ultimately hope to provide TMEA with the capacity to reach its aim by 2016 of bringing about a 30% decrease in the average time a truck takes to cross selected borders, and a 15% decrease in the time it takes to move goods between certain countries.

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