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Supporting the South African Communications Regulator

Analysing and reviewing the competition for the South African call termination market

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, ICASA, defined and evaluated the effectiveness of competition in the call termination market in South Africa and found that the market was insufficiently competitive. Additionally, the existing numbering spectrum allocated under current regulations was not accounted for in the central numbering database.

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Supporting the South African Communications Regulator


To ensure that the market tends towards a competitive outcome, we were invited to prescribe a number of pro-competitive remedies, including price control and regulatory financial reporting on call termination. We also conducted a comprehensive numbering audit.

The project produced reports and presentations on the findings made by the advisory team, and we also led capacity-building workshops with the ICASA Authority Numbering team, which covered the numbering audit and assessment process, findings and recommendations. These findings and workshops enabled ICASA to restore an appropriate level of competition to the market, facilitating the efficiency that has made it one of the most advanced telecommunications networks in the world today.

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