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Supporting the design of the Early Childhood Development strategy in Rwanda

Promoting a parenting education approach that targets parents of children age 0-3 in Rwanda

Following an analysis of international and national evidence on Early Childhood Development (ECD) programming, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) decided to proceed with this ECD programme.

The focus of the programme was the provision of technical assistance to the Ministry of Gender (MIGEPROF) and a parenting education approach that targets parents of children age 0-3.

Project info

Design of an Early Childhood Programme in Rwanda



  • UK Department for International Development (DFID)

Adam Smith International (ASI) worked with DFID to identify and appraise potential programme options through a combination of document review, secondary data analysis, field trips and interviews with multiple stakeholders from Government, donors, civil society, international non-governmental organisations, parents and other community members.

Consultations with DFID in October, following the presentation of the summary of key findings from preliminary stakeholder consultations helped to narrow down the set of options for further analysis and review.

A preliminary options paper delivered four options to DFID. Based on this options paper, DFID communicated its preference for an options which combined parenting education, cross-sectoral linkages and technical assistance to support MIGEPROF’s capacity to implement and deliver on the ECD Policy. This programme will also support national high level M&E on the subsector and the generation of research evidence on ECD implementation approaches.

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