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Supporting the design of a law and justice programme in Papua New Guinea

Providing technical support to Papua New Guinea in improving its justice system

Papua New Guinea has a significant problem with crime and justice, much of which stems from its border issues with Indonesia, which have traditionally involved drugs and sex trafficking.

The country faces high incidences of violence including rape, robbery and murder. These are particularly concentrated in the cities; Port Moresby for example has a murder rate 42 times that of Sydney.

To try and address these issues, we were contracted in 2013 by the Australian Government to support the design of the next phase of the large Papua New Guinea-Australia Law & Justice Program. Our team travelled to Port Moresby to conduct field research and subsequently presented three issues papers to a programme design conference.

Project info

Supporting the design of a law and justice programme in Papua New Guinea


  • 2013


  • Australian Government

In the context of Papua New Guinea’s challenging development environment, the papers analysed the constraints faced by national-level agencies that in turn impede service delivery to Papua New Guinea citizens, assessed the role incentives play in both the law and justice sector and a broader governance strengthening context and reviewed the theory of change and provided strategies, programming and modality initiatives for implementation during the new programme.

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