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Supporting government reform and anti-corruption in Tunisia

Delivering a flexible facility to provide technical assistance to the centre of government

Since September 2015 Adam Smith International has been providing support to the Prime Minister’s Office (known as the Presidency of Government in Tunisia) to improve the ability of the Prime Minister to drive through a series of priority reforms, with the overall aim of making the Tunisian administration more effective and more responsive to the needs of its citizens.

Tunisia continues to be challenged by high levels of unemployment, lack of economic opportunity and lack of access to public services.

Our program of technical assistance seeks to equip the government with the ability to respond to the challenges it faces in order to stymie social and economic decline and the rise of violent extremism.

Project info

Technical assistance via a Governance Facility on Anti-Corruption and Governance


  • 2015-2016



  • Prime Minister’s Office (known as the Presidency of Government in Tunisia)

During Phase 1 of the project (Aug’ 2015 – March 2016), Adam Smith International provided assistance on issues surrounding public administration reform, focussed in particular around support to the General Directorate of Administrative Reforms (DGRA).

Through providing technical assistance and training to civil servants inside the Presidency of Government, the programme strengthened the capacity of the Presidency of Government by rationalizing its structure and augmenting its capacity to undertake strategic planning, drive change through government, and deliver high quality programme design and management. The programme also supported the design of strategies and regulations to improve service delivery and public administration efficiency.

The project achieved significant impact through successfully rationalising the structure of the Presidency of Government; in January 2016 the Prime Minister’s Office was transformed into a more streamlined organization, and a new Ministry of Public Service, Governance and Anti-Corruption was created in response to public desire to see significant reforms to the public services.

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