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Supporting Ethiopia’s Mining Sector

Advising on policy and legislative options for Ethiopia's mining sector

Ethiopia is one of the most populous countries in the world. With over 93 million inhabits, of which 44 million are eligible to work, just under 30% of people live below the poverty line (World Bank).

Despite impressive recent economic growth, Ethiopia still requires new industries in order to continue its development and provide employment for its growing population.

As part of its Growth and Transformation Plan, it has made an ambitious target to increase the contribution to GDP of their mining sector from 1.5% to 10% by 2025.

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Ethiopia Mining Sector Development



  • World Bank

Our World Bank funded programme is working with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Mines to advise on policy and legislative options in the mining sector. Ethiopia currently has a large artisanal mining sector but very limited large scale mining despite the existence of geologically promising deposits. Ethiopia faces the challenge of encouraging responsible investors into its mining sector at a time when the mining industry is struggling with low mineral prices.

We are also promoting investment in the sector to maximise domestic economic benefits and advising on how the impact on local communities and the environment can be managed. This assistance requires the provision of policy and legal advice to the Ministry of Mines, and how it can develop the capacity required in order to manage a large-scale mining sector.

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