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Project Case Study

Supporting Effective and Equitable Governance in Samoa

ASI has worked with the Samoan Government to strengthen governance policies, legislation, and institutions

In order to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth and development through an effective and efficient public sector, a vibrant private sector, and an involved civil society, ASI has worked with the Samoan Government since 2016 to strengthen governance policies.

Samoa recently achieved middle-income status and has maintained a positive development trajectory for many years. However, Samoa continues to face many challenges. As a small island developing state, Samoa’s economy has a narrow base in agriculture, fishing, tourism and remittances from migrant labour, and its remoteness from markets means that economies of scale cannot be realised. Samoa is also highly vulnerable to natural disasters, registering 56 extreme weather events in 50 years that have caused costly and extensive damage.

Project info

Samoa Technical Assistance Facility (Phase 1);
and Samoa Governance Support Programme (Phase 2)


  • 2016-2018 (Phase1)
  • 2018-2021 (Phase 2)



  • DFAT

The government has a constant need for expertise that is either unavailable in the local market or are difficult to attract and retain. The Samoa Governance Support Programme (SGSP) managed by ASI was designed to meet this need.

With our help

Australian Aid has invested heavily in Samoa over the years to address some of the nation’s obstacles to development. The SGSP was established at the forefront of this effort, working across the whole of government, supporting a wide range of reforms that address questions of economic, security and communications policy, economic infrastructure, public sector performance and service delivery, and public financial management.

Guided by a high-level inter-ministerial Programme Steering Committee, we were brought on to design and propose projects that are aligned with the strategic priorities of the Australia-Samoa Aid Partnership Arrangement.

Achievements so far

The programme built a strong reputation for high quality and strategic advice to the Samoan Government and the capacity of the TA to effect positive changes in public policy and other critical aspects of governance.

The authentic ownership of the government was evident in the 17 projects, involving 15 government agencies, that were completed during the first phase of the programme. The success of the first phase led to an extension of the programme to 2021 and more than a tripling of the budget. A further 22 projects were approved for implementation in the second phase.

Much of the programme’s support is central to the management of the country.

Projects include:

  • National security policy
  • National communications sector planning
  • Aspects of market regulation such as price controls, minimum wages and ‘reserved and restricted’ economic activities
  • Tax expenditures and capital gains tax
  • National occupational health and safety framework
  • Labour relations
  • Employment policies and legislation
  • Pandemic emergency preparedness

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