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Supporting climate compatible development in Nigeria

Helping combat climate change and institute energy efficient approaches to managing the country's natural resources

We manage DFID’s five-year, £95m Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility II (NIAF) programme, providing demand-led advice and assistance to Nigerian government bodies at federal and state level as they meet the challenge of future-proofing Nigeria’s economic growth.

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Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF)


As a country where 70% of the labour force makes a living in the agricultural sector, Nigeria is disproportionately exposed to the effects of climate change. Its impact is already being felt: desertification, soil erosion and flooding have degraded and destroyed agricultural land. The need to reduce carbon emissions and therefore limit the scale of climate change is now critical. It is estimated that the damage averted by lowering carbon emissions could save Nigeria $28 for every tonne of emissions cut.

Our NIAF team is working closely with key government decision-makers to inculcate climate concerns into public policy and planning. With our assistance, the Nigerian Government is successfully reducing the scale of climate change and adapting to its impacts. The unparalleled expertise that we provide is focused in three linked areas:

Climate Resilience

As world leaders in strategic planning to ensure climate resilience is a mainstream consideration in infrastructure development, we introduce Nigerian decision-makers to the most up-to-date knowledge and practice in climate resilience. This work enables them to better predict, manage and plan for the effects of climate change and ensures that informed policy decisions can be made, connecting priorities across multiple sectors. We have already achieved real impact in this area through our work in northern Nigeria, where we helped mainstream climate resilience planning into the infrastructure development and maintenance programmes of the Federal government.

Greening Growth

We work at the cutting edge of planning and delivery in the Nigerian energy and transport sectors to achieve greener growth which drives economic development and limits climate change. Our focus is on introducing clean energy solutions to increase rural access to electricity, reducing gas flaring to cut carbon emissions, and improving planning for clean transport in urban areas. We designed and piloted the Light up Rural Nigeria programme which has provided thousands of schools, households and streets in rural communities with access to clean, reliable electricity supply and launched the highly-successful NIAF clean cookstoves programme which advanced cleaner and cheaper methods of heating food to thousands of rural households in Nigeria.

Enabling Environment Reform

Working at the heart of government, we guide and help implement key reforms to improve the enabling environment for climate action and connect climate change objectives to policy priorities. We help Nigerian decision-makers to create the necessary business environment and institutional structures to attract international climate finance, develop climate policy planning, and improve government communication around the need for and benefits of climate resilience and greener growth. Our support has already leveraged millions of dollars of international finance for climate change funding in Nigeria.

We are well on the way to achieving real change for the people of Nigeria.

Our NIAF programme has:

  1. Provided cleaner and cheaper cooking stoves for more than 20,000 people across Nigeria;
  2. Electrified thousands of homes, schools, clinics and streets in rural communities via solar power; and
  3. Reduced the prevalence of gas flaring significantly and helped cut the release of harmful carbon emissions.

"The NIAF programme is rightly regarded as one of DFID Nigeria's success stories and a model for how innovative, effective and successful development projects should be designed, managed and implemented."

Richard Montgomery, former Head of DFID Nigeria

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