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Support to the privatisation unit of Nepal

Advising the Nepali government on privatisation of its economy

Building on Nepal’s focus on privatisation in its five-year-plans for economic development, between 1997 and 2003, Adam Smith International was the primary adviser on privatisation to the Government of Nepal.

The project involved long-term support to the Privatisation Unit over a period of six years, as well as specific assistance with the privatisation of certain larger enterprises.

Our work focused around strengthening the Government’s Privatisation Unit as an entity in itself, improving privatisation procedures, and rewriting legislation in order to streamline the mechanisms in Nepal for privatising enterprises.

Project info

Support to the privatisation unit in Nepal


  • 1997-2003



  • Nepali Government

We also prepared enterprises for privatisation through support to legal and financial due diligence and information memorandum, amongst other things, and the implementation of transactions. The larger enterprises whose privatisation we assisted with included tea companies, a power station and various smaller enterprises.

Our assistance provided the government of Nepal with an effective framework for the future privatisation of companies, enabling it to continue using the private sector as a basis for developing a sustainable economy as the country continues to develop.

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