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Support to fast-track implementation of the Zambian Mining Skills, Education and Training Institute

Strengthening Zambia's human capital by advancing training and vocational education in the extractives sector

Zambia has a considerable amount of mineral wealth which over the past years has been contributing between 11-16% to the country’s GDP. However, 82% of the labour force in the mining sector has no recognised quarrying skills and efforts in the area of training have been rather poor and unsustainable.

As a response, in 2013, the Government of Zambia created a Mining Skills & Training Framework (MSTF) with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in which parties committed to achieving sustainability by addressing issues of collaboration, enhanced training, upgrading skills, supporting foundation and learnership programmes.

Project info

Zambia - Support to fast-track implementation of the Zambian Mining Skills, Education and Training Institute (ZAMSET)


  • 2015



  • Australian Government

To give effect to this commitment, in 2015, Adam Smith International, funded by the Australian Government, supported the establishment of the Zambian Mining Skills, Education and Training Institute (ZAMSET). ZAMSET is planned to be a transformational organisation that is responsible for establishing and managing an integrated framework for extractive sector education and mining skills development from school to post-university level.

The long-term objective of the program is to provide the Zambian Government and companies with the ability to better satisfy their recruitment requirements through increased access to a more skilled local workforce, demonstrating the inclusive economic growth and job creation benefits of extractives development. Driven by a strategic plan and an integrated framework outcome, ZAMSET seeks to strengthen the overall capacity and operational management of the Chamber of Mines and successfully implement the renewed human development model. Under its umbrella, ZAMSET will provide skills development programs, allowing the opportunity for robust public-private partnerships. Once set up and running, the ZAMSET establishment will have a pivotal role in building and sustaining partnerships between the public and private sector, which are both seeking a better trained and stronger skilled labour force. This in turn will benefit local communities, Zambia’s national economy and provide a baseline for the country’s inclusive economic growth.

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