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Strengthening the basis for the civil service in the United Arab Emirates

Improving the performance of the UAE civil service

When Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid succeeded his brother in January 2006 to become Emir of Dubai, he was almost immediately nominated by the President of the UAE to become Prime Minister.

In this role, he undertook a programme of reform to the public administration, which included restructuring parts of the civil service.

Between 2006 and 2008, we were asked to provide a series of recommendations to strengthen the legislative basis for the civil service as a means of introducing a range of reforms to recruitment, grading, pay and promotion.

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Strengthening the basis for the civil service in UAE


  • Ministry of Finance and Industry, UAE

At the centre of these reforms was a determination on the part of government to introduce performance related pay, merit-based recruitment, and other measures to further boost the performance of civil servants in a public administration.

Our team worked with the Ministry of Finance and Industry in the United Arab Emirates to draft a new civil service law, and more broadly to improve civil service management procedures in order to realise these aims.

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