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Sowing the seeds of growth in Sierra Leone

Encouraging economic growth that lifts the incomes of thousands of the poorest Sierra Leoneans

As Sierra Leone moves past the spectre of its post-conflict legacy, the Department for International Development is funding the Sierra Leone Market Development Programme.

This programme looks to address the huge inequality of income distribution in the country by ensuring that wealth creation in the country goes beyond enriching already prosperous elites and foreign investors, to transform the incomes and livelihoods of the 52.9% of people who in 2011 were living in poverty.

With an economy poised for 12.1% growth in 2014, yet struggling with one of the poorest populations in the world, the country needs guidance on how to evenly distribute the dividends of its anticipated growth.

Project info

Sowing the seeds of growth in Sierra Leone


  • Department for International Development

Working with the Government of Sierra Leone Ministry of Trade and Industry, the programme provides an analytical view of how market systems currently function. In diagnosing the key constraints to pro-poor growth, the programme facilitates linkages between key market actors in the private and public sectors. The programme designs and implements a portfolio of projects across selected economic sub-sectors, stimulating change in these markets so that supply and demand are met along the lines of sustainable commerce.

The programme employs a combination of technical expertise and sound research and analysis. It brings together a deep knowledge of the Sierra Leonean context with global best practice on market systems methodology. Set to run for two years, it will continuously adapt and expand to serve the rapidly changing environment.

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