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Reviewing the UK International Corruption Group

Strengthening the UK's capacity to investigate corruption

While corruption is difficult to quantify, it is estimated that more than €120 billion is lost every year in the 28 EU countries alone. In Afghanistan it is estimated that nearly $1 billion of the $8 billion given in aid in the past eight years is misappropriated.

As such, the UK International Corruption Group was set up in November 2006 to strengthen the UK’s capacity for investigating and prosecuting instances of corruption that occur in transactions between developed and developing countries.

Due to our extensive experience on anti-corruption projects and our knowledge of how to tackle it, the Department for International Development asked us in 2009 to conduct the annual review of the Group.

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Reviewing the UK International Corruption Group



  • Department for International Development

The team assessed the functional capacity of the City of London Police, the Overseas Anti-Corruption Unit and the Metropolitan Police Service Proceeds of Crime Unit, and also gave technical recommendations on improvements that could be made to the strategic management of the Group, to better equip it to continue the fight against corruption.

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