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Reviewing public sector spending in the United Arab Emirates

Conducting a review of public sector spending, focusing on civil servant salaries

In 2007, we assisted the Ministry of Finance and Industry in the United Arab Emirates to deliver a multi-component project to improve the country’s macro-fiscal performance, by providing advice on public sector spending in general and the salaries of public servants in particular.

Our aim was to review the levels of salary and non-salary benefits that were received by public servants employed at the federal level, with the concrete objective of establishing a working group within the Ministry of Finance to review such benefits and devise a mechanism by which performance awards could be made each year across the various grades of workers.

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Reviewing public sector spending in UAE


  • Ministry of Finance and Industry - UAE

To that end, we defined the terms of reference for the working group on civil service salaries and supported a review of variations in salary between the federal level of government and those at Emirate level.

Furthermore, we delivered the full awards for salary and non-salary benefits in 2008/09 across all types of state employee and communications material in support of the awards, as well as a detailed formula on which to make future awards from 2010 onward. These efforts were complemented by detailed institutional design work and recommendations to establish a macro-fiscal policy unit for the Ministry of Finance.

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