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Promoting investment opportunities in South Sudan

Promoting investment to support the growth of the extractive industries in South Sudan

South Sudan derives 98% of its government revenue from oil. As a new state with a chance to regulate and govern its industries properly, it is important that the country has an appropriate framework for attracting and managing investment into its developing mining industry from both an economic and a social perspective.

It needs to be ensured that companies fulfil their corporate social responsibilities properly and promote sustainable development in the areas they work.

Project info

Promoting investment opportunities in South Sudan


  • 2010



  • Government of South Sudan

In 2010, as part of a wider project to support the government of South Sudan develop its extractives industries, we provided recommendations around the desirable investment policy model suggested by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and how this can affect the mining sector. We then looked at the current investment regime in South Sudan (then Southern Sudan) and rated it against these OECD principles before designing strategies to market the country’s mineral sector.

The government has been working hard to implement these recommendations and as a result, South Sudan’s minerals sector has been expanding and investment into the country has increased. We continue to work with the Government of South Sudan to promote investment into the country at this pivotal point in its history.

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