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Project Case Study

Planning for climate resilience in Northern Nigeria

Improving policymakers' understanding of how climate issues impact other policy areas

With the multiple political challenges that face decision-makers in Northern Nigeria, climate resilience is often only a secondary priority. However, building climate resilience is vitally important to achieving goals in other priority policy areas and therefore Adam Smith International is working to mainstream climate resilience planning into Northern Nigeria’s strategy for development and growth. Our work provides DFID with the policy recommendations and indicative interventions to harmonise the donor’s climate change mitigation objectives with Nigerian policy makers’ priorities.

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Resilient Northern Nigeria



  • DFID

DFID will use the findings of the Adam Smith International study to encourage the uptake of climate resilience considerations into the infrastructure planning, delivery and maintenance programmes of Northern states and the Federal Government in the North.

In doing so, we are contributing to the improved understanding of Nigerian policymakers of the links between climate change and their ability to deliver other policy goals.

Overall our work will lead to the development of adaptive capacity of Northern Nigeria to overcome climate shocks.

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