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Project Case Study

Making markets work in the Solomon Islands

Promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth through the cocoa, coconut and tourism sectors in the Solomon Islands

Despite its substantial economic potential, the Solomon Islands remains one of the poorest countries in the Pacific. High operating costs, high transportation costs, low export volumes as compared to the region/world, land rights issues and low human resource capacity hamper the Solomon Islands’ efforts to promote domestic and international investment.

Strongim Bisnis addressed the root causes of dysfunction in markets by facilitating change.

Project info

Strongim Bisnis


  • 2017-2019


Strongim Bisnis focuses on the key sectors of cocoa, coconut and tourism – key drivers of economic growth for Solomon Islands households.

We have worked with businesses in these sectors to increase their productivity by helping them access more income-earning opportunities and higher-value markets to build a more resilient economic base. By piloting, experimenting, and partnering with a wide range of organisations, Strongim Bisnis was able to quickly learn and adapt solutions to best facilitate change. Solutions include providing technical expertise and guidance on implementation to set in place economic models that increase income, create jobs and lower prices for the poorest.

The cross-cutting approach ensured that the most marginalised populations—such as women, youth and those living with disability—benefit from initiatives implemented in each sector to ensure broad and sustainable economic inclusion.

The Strongim Bisnis partnernship with local businesses and organisations, provided innovative business models and market insights, linking key players, facilitating access to financing, and fostering a better business enabling environment. More than 20 successful businesses, government and non-government entities in the Solomon Islands became partners to provide technical advice, leverage funds and create networks to change business practices.

Our partners across three sectors have undertaken a whole range of initiatives, such as bringing higher-quality and more environmentally-friendly cocoa processing products to local farmers, raising awareness of the significant threat the coconut rhinoceros beetle poses to the local coconut industry and supporting tourism businesses to improve their offerings and increase their sales.

Project achievements

  • Introduced the Market Systems Development approach in Solomon Islands
  • Signed several high-profile partnerships and implemented 31 activities/partnerships
  • Built strong working relationship with several key public/private sector stakeholders
  • Tested new business models and innovations and used results to revise strategy

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