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Project Case Study

Increasing energy efficiency across Freetown

Advancing the power sector reform to strengthen coordination improve the effectiveness and viability of service provision

Sierra Leone’s electricity system is characterized by extremely low levels of access, particularly outside of greater Freetown, an aging and deteriorating electrical grid, limited transmission infrastructure, unmet demand, frequent load shedding/outages, and high levels of self‐generation. Sierra Leone’s power sector is in the early stages of a period of great change. The Government of Sierra Leone has developed an ambitious goal for expanding the supply of electricity in the country by increasing generation capacity by 1,000MW by 2020.

Project info

Electricity Sector Reform Project


  • 2017-2019


  • MCC

Project aims

The Electricity Reform Project is supporting Government efforts to:

  1. Operationalize the emerging institutional framework and market structure in Sierra Leone’s electricity sector and enhance the capacity of sector institutions to fulfill their mandates in the reformed power sector;
  2. Improve integrated planning and other technical capacities; and 3) strengthen operational efficiency and corporate governance at targeted electricity sector institutions, particularly the EGTC.

ASI developed the Power Sector Roadmap that outlines agreed roles and responsibilities for tasks that are critical to the development of a healthy and viable power sector. We also developed an Action Plan that highlights actions needed to operationalize the Roadmap. The Action Plan takes stock of other existing and planned initiatives in the power sector, such as those funded by the Government of Sierra Leone or other donors.

ASI provides the analytical support to the Energy Taskforce to understand and describe the current status of critical sector responsibilities and facilitate dialogue to achieve agreement around how these responsibilities might change or be strengthened to support the sector’s development.

Results so far

  • Worked with Government MDA, donors and the private sector to develop Sierra Leone’s first ever energy roadmap. This has created a detailed a framework to facilitate growth in Sierra Leone’s power sector growth and development;
  • Strengthened capacity across Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Energy, Electricity Generation and Transmission Company and Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority.

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