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Contributing to stability in Somalia and Somaliland by extending state authority and services, promoting local reconciliation and peacebuilding, creating inclusive economic opportunities, and protecting the most vulnerable.

Territorial Integrated Planning Facility for Inclusive Local and Economic Development in Somalia

Somalia is one of the world’s poorest and most fragile states. Over half the population live below the poverty line, only 40% are literate and nearly one in seven is internally displaced as a result of conflict and climate shocks. The country also has widespread inequality, persistent humanitarian crises, and a weak productive economy.

However, with relative political and security gains in recent years, economic recovery, growth and resilience have been prioritised in Somalia and Somaliland’s recent National Development Plans. The development of an inclusive financial and private sector; trade and investment facilities; and access to finance for women, youth and other marginalised groups have all been prioritised as key enablers to higher productivity and economic resilience.

Project Info

Inclusive Local and Economic Development (ILED) Territorial Integrated Planning Facility (TIPF)


  • 2019-2023


The Project/what we are doing about this challenge:

The Inclusive Local and Economic Development (ILED) is a four-year EU-funded programme aiming to increase the reach, legitimacy and capacity of government to provide services while promoting reconciliation and peace-building; revitalise and expand the local economy; and provide safety nets to vulnerable people. ILED comprises 13 projects with a total budget of €95.7M.

ILED adopts the ‘Integrated Territorial Approach’—an innovative geographic approach to programming that combines and integrates sector investments to address the multifaceted, complex nature of development in Somalia and Somaliland.

The Territorial Integration and Planning Facility (TIPF), implemented by ASI, provides technical and operational support in the design, planning and delivery of the ILED portfolio. TIPF works directly with the EU, Government of Somalia partners, and ILED’s implementing partners to:

  • Provide coordination and management support, including establishing and operationalising the programme’s governance structures.
  • Work with Ministries of Planning in Somalia and Somaliland to facilitate consultation on development plans and support their implementation.
  • Ensure that sectoral and cross-cutting issues, such as gender, resilience and climate change, are mainstreamed in the design and implementation of ILED projects.
  • Provide monitoring and evaluation backstopping and communications support to the EU-ILED Coordination team.

What the project has achieved so far:

  • Driving ILED’s innovative ‘Integrated Territorial Approach’ to ensure the effective delivery of ILED actions in a sequenced and coordinated manner.
  • Leading the formulation of Integrated Territorial Development Plans (ITDPs) for each of the Federal Member States, Benadir Regional Administration, and Somaliland. The ITDPs are government-owned, four-year plans that consolidate priority sectors and priority actions in each territory to facilitate local and economic resilience and development.
  • Operationalising ILED’s programme governance framework to coordinate and manage effective delivery of priority actions as part of the programme’s integrated approach.
  • Analysis and real-time learning for the EU Delegation and the Social Safety Nets Donor Working Group on social protection in Somalia.
  • Design and administration of a result-based monitoring, evaluation and learning system, including a dashboard that provides an executive-level view of progress across the ILED portfolio.
  • Strategic communications support to promote the visibility of ILED-funded interventions.


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