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Improving public resource management in Somalia

Strengthening Core State Functions in the New Federal Member States (FMS) in Somalia

The functioning of the state in Somalia was shattered by decades of war and instability. International partners are providing support to extend the reach of the state and re-establish state authority and accountability in Somalia, as well as to establish a federal system of governance.

Financial governance is a core element of state and peace building: Effective, rule-based systems for managing public resources are a crucial part of meeting public expectations and demonstrating that taxes are being used effectively. It is all part of building the legitimacy of the state in Somalia, and consolidating peace and stability.

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The Public Resource Management in Somalia Programme (PREMIS)


  • 2016 - 2020

PREMIS (FMS) supports the establishment of core Public Financial Management laws, processes, systems and institutions, so that Federal Member States can raise revenues, and assure transparency and accountability in public expenditure. Strong performance in these core state functions is critical in order to provide security and other basic public services.

ASI was contracted to implement PREMIS in 2016 and is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of activities, providing technical expertise to establish the ministries of finance and civil service commissions from scratch, and developing the capacity of civil servants in all four Federal Member States.


  • PFM Systems: Financial/revenue management systems are fully operational in all four states. New systems are operating to plan, collect and report on taxes and automate payroll for police officers.
  • PFM Compliance: Legislative frameworks (PFM, Revenue, Civil Service…) have been passed in all four states. External and internal audit functions are established. Funds are channelled through the Treasury Single Account.
  • Revenue: PREMIS helped increase revenue across the four states (eg: in Jubbaland revenues rose by 166% in the first project year alone).
  • Civil Service Administration: PREMIS supports the recruitment and training of civil servants, as well as the procurement and installation of biometric systems and other HR information systems.

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