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Project Case Study

Improving access to water for people in Lesotho

Creating a framework for private participation in the water industry in Lesotho

Maintaining an adequate water supply is a problem in Lesotho, despite the country having sufficient water for its needs if it were appropriately distributed, and exporting large quantities of water to South Africa through the Lesotho Highland Lands Water Project.

However, many of Lesotho’s citizens do not have access to safe and clean drinking water and often have to walk long distances to reach water access points that may not be working or may have run dry.

The Government of Lesotho therefore decided that private sector participation in the water sector would increase efficiency and quality of services.

Project info

Private participation in Lesotho's water sector


  • 2009



  • Government of Lesotho

In 2009, the government asked us to advise on the development of an effective legislative and regulatory framework for the water sector. We also made recommendations concerning the devising and implementation of a programme for private sector participation in the delivery of water and sewerage services.

This involved refining and developing an effective legislative and regulatory framework for the water sector, specifying the best form of management contract, and developing the acceptance criteria, initiating the bidding process and assisting the Government in awarding the short term management contract to the preferred bidder.

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