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Governance for Growth Completion Report

Economic growth and service delivery in Vanuatu – A Report on Australia’s role

Reporting on the Efforts of the Australian Government to Bring about Economic and Public Sector Reform in Vanuatu.

Changes in government, policy direction, and external challenges, such as COVID-19, have required the Ni-Van Government to commit strongly to economic and public sector reform. Since 2007, Australia has partnered with Vanuatu to support this effort using Direct Funding Agreements, contracting long- and short-term advisors, and collaborating with multilateral and private sector partners. It is time to understand if the program meets its core objectives.

The Project/what we are doing about this challenge:

The Vanuatu Governance For Growth Program Completion Report will engage a team of ASI subject matter experts whose role will be to study the available literature and meet with stakeholders to understand if the Government is acting with the private sector to conceive and implement changes in policy and practice that are encouraging inclusive economic growth. The report will explore whether public expenditure is delivering services that are more effective. These findings will then guide the design of Governance for Growth Phase 4 (2023-2027).

Project Info

Governance for Growth Completion Report


  • 2022-2023



What the project has achieved so far / intends to achieve:

In late 2022, ASI’s advisors visited Vanuatu to conduct a preliminary analysis.  Tentative interim findings have raised key issues for the design of the programme and the team will return to Vanuatu in early 2023 to finalise their program completion report.

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