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Facilitating trade in South Sudan

Providing technical assistance to South Sudan's Customs Service

As the world’s newest country, South Sudan faces a number of challenges as it emerges from decades of civil war. A key element for sustainable economic growth is the government’s ability to collect revenues in order to fund domestic expenditures.

However, continuing tensions with Sudan have meant that South Sudan cannot rely solely on revenues from oil production, which had been providing 98% of its GDP, because the country’s only available pipeline runs through Sudan and has been suspended. South Sudan desperately needs to find other sources of funding to tackle urgent social problems – such as the cost of food rising by 120% in January 2012.

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Facilitating trade in South Sudan



  • Trade Mark East Africa

In response to this crisis, in partnership with Crown Agents, we were appointed in 2013 by Trade Mark East Africa to provide technical assistance to the South Sudan Customs Service (SSCS).

This involves developing the organisation from scratch by preparing the customs legislation, policies and procedures required for a modern customs administration to function efficiently. The team also provides support to the development of the HR function within the SSCS, which includes organisational restructuring, training and capacity building.

Additionally, the project provides operational technical assistance at the Ugandan border, through which more than 70% of South Sudan’s trade passes. Here, we are supporting SSCS colleagues by developing modern processes and procedures and providing operational mentoring to improve the flow of goods across the border and collect appropriate levels of customs duties. We are developing risk-based approaches to tackle illicit trading and supporting the development of a modern customs organisation that operates in accordance with international standards and best practice.

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