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Establishing the Palestinian Monitoring Group

Developing the inter-agency capacity to draw information from across ministries and security agencies into accurate reports

From 2003 to 2010, we worked with government counterparts in the Palestinian Territories to design, establish and sustain the Palestinian Monitoring Group. The group is a Palestinian inter-agency body tasked with collecting, verifying and aggregating information on security events within the Palestinian Territories in order to provide the Palestinian leadership and international community with an accurate, detailed and timely understanding of events at ground level upon which to base their peacebuilding strategies.

Project info

Establishing the Palestinian Monitoring Group


  • 2003 - 2010


Working with

  • Government counterparts in the Palestinian Territories

We designed the group to make best use of information from Palestinian security agencies and civilian ministries, enabling the production of regular, insightful, factual and analytical reports. We supported it in its day-to-day activities, which included collecting, verifying, and synthesising information about several categories of Israeli and Palestinian activity within the West Bank and Gaza Strip, ranging from security actions to construction of Israeli settlements.

We also worked to develop its capacity to disseminate this information in daily, monthly and event-driven reports to both contributing Palestinian institutions and to the international community.

The development of the Palestinian Monitoring Group’s capabilities enabled the Palestinian government to better communicate day to day realities to the international diplomatic, development and media communities, in turn supporting more informed decision making and policy development regarding the peace process. The group also ran a series of workshops to train staff from Palestinian ministries and agencies to monitor events and report data accurately.

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