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Enhancing the management of the road sector in Nigeria

Establishing a robust and transparent road management framework to support sustainable road maintenance funding

Nigeria relies heavily on road transport with over 90% of surface transport of goods happening by road. Poor or inappropriate maintenance has caused the 200,000km road network to decay. With little strategic direction, poorly defined plans, and unstable and unsustainable budgets, the level of service for the road network is inadequate.

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Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF)


This has a significant impact on economic and social welfare such as high transport costs that are a major factor for business, inhibiting competitiveness and growth. In response to the challenges facing the roads sector we are providing technical assistance in implementing a road management framework to support the development of long-term plans.

These are based on sound funding, execution practice and building consensus and support for the sustainable funding of road maintenance activities. The main goal of the programme is to help the Federal Ministry of Works (FMoW), Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) and the Roads Sector Development team deal with road problems by establishing an effective Road Asset Management System (RAMS). The key technical element of the system is the RAMS, which includes a Bridge Management System (BMS) supported by HDM-4 software.

Through support to the Minister of Finance we are also aiming to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of a consistent programme of road funding at a local government level.

This is being implemented through a substantial programme of support for large scale public sector job creation schemes, which are focused on maintaining rural roads by training the residents of local communities to maintain their own road network. They are taught to use labour-based techniques through the SURE-P programme and through direct engagement with state governance to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of road maintenance.

Our intervention in Nigerian road sector development is improving efficient movement of goods and services, reducing travel times, generating employment and building staff capacity from relevant client organisations.

NIAF won the British Expertise Development Project of the Year Award in 2011.

"NIAF is the driving force in initiating new systems for managing the federal road network and have been collaborating closely with the Federal Ministry of Works."

Bala Danshehu, Director of Planning and Development, Federal Ministry of Works, Government of Nigeria

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