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Project Case Study

E-commerce & Trade Support for Women Entrepreneurs in Nepal

Supporting the Development and Implementation of Nepali Women Entrepreneur Association’s E-commerce Plan and Business Strategy

Digital adoption is a rapidly growing global trend that was significantly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nepal in particular has seen a significant expansion in mobile accessibility, with 60% of Nepalis now with access to feature phones and total penetration rates reaching 131% nationwide. While e-commerce is rapidly expanding, international orders can only be processed by individuals who possess a USD account, providing a unique opportunity for local producers to cater to domestic customers seeking Nepali-made products via the internet.

The Project/what we are doing about this challenge:

This project will support the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal (FWEAN), the apex body for all women entrepreneur associations in the country, to evaluate and refine its approach to e-commerce in Nepal.

Project Info

E-commerce & Trade Support for Women Entrepreneurs in Nepal


  • 2023


An initial market diagnostic and recommendations will inform the development of an E-commerce Strategy and Business Plan that situates FWEAN within Nepal’s broader e-commerce landscape, and positions the organisation to provide more value to its members via an online platform and business advisory support. The project will also provide training on e-commerce topics relevant to the Strategy and Business Plan, as well as implementation support through 2023.


What the project has achieved so far / intends to achieve:

  • Market diagnostic of the Nepal e-commerce landscape and FWEAN’s fit within it.
  • Support to develop a bespoke E-commerce Strategy and Business Plan to articulate FWEAN’s vision for their e-commerce activities and how to achieve it.
  • Implementation support through 2023 and refinement of the strategy and business plan for future activities.

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