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Developing a National Communications Strategy for Malawi’s Mining Sector

Improving communications, advocacy, reporting and knowledge management in the mining sector

As part of its strategy to diversify the economy from heavy dependence on agriculture and foreign aid, the Government of Malawi sees the mining sector as a priority area to accelerate growth, generate foreign exchange earnings and reduce poverty.

ASI’s objective was to make mining sector management more efficient, transparent and sustainable.

We undertook a sector-wide functional review to assess the institutions related to mining governance in order to determine if benefits from mining operations could be increased; developed an Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Strategy and implementation plan; and established a statistical database for the minerals sector that allowed the Ministry to collect, analyze and communicate the information.

Project info

Mining Growth and Governance Support Programme: Sector wide functional review and development of a sectoral communication strategy


  • 2014 - 2018

The communications strategy aimed to provide a framework for stakeholder advocacy to support transparent, consistent and fact-based communication – so that stakeholders were more aware and able to engage in advocacy.

Drawing on a comparative review of mineral communications strategies in Africa, the project also aimed to improve internal communications within the ministry and across the government. And it aimed to foster accurate, evidence-based and balanced reporting on issues related to the extractives sector/mineral sector.


  • Working with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining in Malawi, ASI assessed the capacity of public institutions involved in mining and how to strengthen and improve to the institutional framework. We reviewed the current and future demand/supply balance of mining skills and made recommendations for priority programs in tertiary education, technical institutes and other short to long term courses in mining-related disciplines.
  • We developed a national mining sector communication strategy that will promote continuous and formalized information sharing among stakeholders in the mineral sector. The communications strategy will raise awareness about the responsibilities of mining institutions and their activities, enhance collaboration with all stakeholders and improve relationships with the media for accurate and continued reporting on minerals sector programmes.

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