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Project Case Study

Designing Somaliland’s public financial management strategy

Helping Somaliland develop a robust and effective public financial management strategy

Since 1991, the semi-autonomous region of Somaliland has steadily recovered from civil war to make impressive strides towards democratic governance and political stability.

The importance of good governance and efficient public resource management cannot be overstated; they are vital to the nation’s ability to establish a society based on the rule of law and the principle of accountability.

Project info

Designing Somaliland's public financial management strategy



  • World Bank
  • Somaliland Ministry of Finance

The purpose of this project was to develop an holistic, country-led public financial management reform strategy in order to provide a broad strategic framework, establish priorities and the sequencing of tasks and provide an actionable plan for short, medium and long term phases of reform.

The result of this project was to develop a properly designed reform system that will help to ensure efficient, effective and accountable use of public resources as a basis for economic development and poverty eradication through improved service delivery.

We deployed an international public financial management adviser who worked closely with colleagues from the World Bank and the Somaliland Ministry of Finance to help with the following strategy.

Analyse, assess and develop

  • The public financial management regulatory framework
  • The organisational and institutional set-up for public financial management reform
  • A financial management information system
  • The absorptive capacity of key institutions

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