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Designing solar markets in Northern Nigeria

Planning for the roll-out of solar energy systems in rural schools and clinics

Remote communities in Northern Nigeria – and their clinics, schools, enterprises and homes – are some of the most energy deprived in the country. Public service providers often rely on expensive and unreliable diesel generators, inhibiting their ability to provide basic services.

As well as severely constraining economic growth, continuing poor access to power for these communities is hindering human development.

Project info

Designing Solar Nigeria



  • International Climate Fund

On behalf of the International Climate Fund, we have designed a major new solar power initiative for Northern Nigeria, which will electrify rural health clinics and primary schools using photovoltaic (PV) systems: an inexpensive, reliable and clean alternative to fossil fuel energy. As demand for PV systems extends to small enterprises, private markets will grow-up around the industry, encouraging the development of national PV supply chains and creating new jobs.

In its implementation, this programme will directly improve access to clean, reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity supply in a region of Nigeria where traditional energy systems have not succeeded.

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