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Delivering the national urban transport policy in Freetown

Improving the urban transport networks in Freetown and beyond

With a weak infrastructure to begin with, the years of civil war in Sierra Leone have meant that the country has struggled to adapt its infrastructure to both modern needs, and the country’s growth, weakening its chance to attract international investment and causing traffic chaos on the streets of Freetown.

Adam Smith International provided support to the government of Sierra Leone to deliver both a national urban transport policy and an action plan to improve urban mobility in Freetown.

Project info

Sierra Leone Urban Transport project


  • World Bank

Funded by the World Bank, the six month Sierra Leone Urban Transport project delivered a prioritised list of infrastructure investments to improve urban mobility to the Ministry of Transport and Aviation. These investments included building new infrastructure, refurbishing existing infrastructure, improving works currently underway to improve roads in Freetown, measuring to address the sustainability of the current infrastructure, and operations and maintenance considerations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing infrastructure.

Additionally, a fully integrated mobility plan for Freetown was developed that focuses on Greater Freetown, the Western Urban Area, Goderich and Hastings. The plan centres on institutional and regulatory changes, focusing on the creation of a Freetown Urban Transport Authority. This would have responsibility for all aspects of planning and regulating urban transport in the Greater Freetown area, and would be an autonomous agency with oversight from a range of stakeholders, making the management of infrastructure sustainable and more effective in the future.

"Adam Smith International delivered a well-developed, comprehensive and high quality National Urban Transport policy for Sierra Leone."

Ministry of Transport & Aviation, Government of Sierra Leone

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