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Conducting an EITI Value Chain Analysis in Sierra Leone

Analysing Sierra Leone's compliance with new EITI Standard

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a global standard to promote open and accountable management of natural resources.

It is designed to make payments from companies to government in the extractive sector transparent, regulating the industry in order to limit loss of revenue through smuggling and corruption, and encouraging international investment.

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EITI Value Chain Analysis in Sierra Leone


  • Sierra Leone’s EITI Secretariat and Multi-Stakeholder Group

In 2013, a new, more comprehensive EITI standard was introduced. The scope of the EITI widened to ensure transparency in all stages of the extractive industries value chain. This includes the awards of contracts and licenses, monitoring and production, revenue collection, revenue management and distribution and social and economic spending. The additional reporting requirements pose a challenge to all EITI implementing countries, including Sierra Leone.

We conducted an assessment of requirements for Sierra Leone’s EITI Secretariat and Multi-Stakeholder Group to become compliant with the additional reporting requirements introduced by EITI in 2013. This required a gap analysis to identify what Sierra Leone’s authorities were required to do in order to ensure compliance with EITI’s new standards.

The gap analysis included a review of the oversight of the EITI process in Sierra Leone, in particular how the Multi-Stakeholder Group functioned and its effectiveness in engaging stakeholders. The gap analysis looked at where Sierra Leone stood for each link in the extractive industries value chain, stating where it met or failed to meet the requirements of the EITI standard and crucially making recommendations on what was required in order to do so. By evaluating the ‘Outcomes and Impacts’ of the EITI process in Sierra Leone, we found that further public communication is required.

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