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Communicating renewable energy policy in Botswana

Bringing climate issues to public attention and achieving buy-in for renewable energy policy

Climate change and energy security is affecting the environment, people and industry of Botswana, often to a critical degree.

On behalf of the Government of Botswana, we designed and delivered a broad communications programme to raise awareness of climate and energy issues, and secure buy-in for future climate change action.

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Communicating renewable energy policy in Botswana



  • Government of Botswana

Engaging groups as wide ranging as financiers and energy customers, our team helped stakeholders to understand the implications of the new renewables tariff regime. We set this in the context of the environmental issues surrounding high-carbon thermal energy generation, and of energy security in general.

Adam Smith International played a part in communicating Botswana’s climate forward position to stakeholders across the region – such as international investors and the donor community – to share lessons learned on green policy implementation.

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