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Project Case Study

Building Rakhine’s future

Strengthening community cohesion through local infrastructure development in Myanmar

Rakhine is one of Myanmar’s poorest states. There is little community engagement with the local government and people suffer from poor infrastructure and basic services.

There is growing popular resentment towards minority groups, particular the Rohingya, who are seen as receiving more international assistance than the majority Rakhine people.

The National Community Driven Development Project (NCDDP) financed by a World Bank grant will be rolled out across 47 townships in Myanmar. In order to address the negative feelings towards minority groups and improve relations with the Myanmar government, the project is being rolled out in two Rakhine State townships.

Project info

National Community Driven Development Project


  • 2018 - 2020


  • Department of Rural Development Myanmar (UDRD)

Adam Smith International was asked to manage the delivery of the project in Gwa and Ponnagyun, helping communities to agree local priorities and ensuring high-quality responses to meet their identified needs.

The project aims to allow poor rural communities to benefit from improved access to basic infrastructure services. Engagement of community members at the village level strengthens cohesion and promotes accountability of the local government at the township level.

Construction has begun on the first strips of paved road in villages in Gwa. These are expected to result in greater access to the villages and in time to improve economic growth and access to services. New investments will be agreed as the project progresses through the planning cycle.

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