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Project Case Study

Assessing the telecommunications sector and privatisation options for Rwanda Tel

Helping Rwanda move away from a state-owned model in the communications sector

In the aftermath of the civil war in Rwanda, there was a huge amount of economic damage and many people were severely impoverished.

In an effort to combat this, with the support of the World Bank, Rwanda’s government began a large privatisation programme in order to attract greater investment into the country.

In 1999, the World Bank and the Government of Rwanda appointed us to undertake a review of its telecommunication sector policy, which the Government was keen to liberalise and privatise.

Between 1999 and 2001 we assisted in the development of a new policy, and then developed privatisation options for Rwanda Tel, the state-owned monopoly operator.

Project info

Assessing the telecommunications sector and privatisation options for Rwanda Tel


  • 1999-2001



  • World Bank
  • Government of Rwanda

In Phase I of this project, we undertook the sector review, which covered sector policies, the existing legal and regulatory framework, and gauging likely interest from the private sector. Working closely with the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communication and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, we helped draft a new sector policy.

Amongst other things this paved the way for competition and the entry of new providers in the telecoms sector, both mobile and fixed, and recommended setting up an independent regulator.

In Phase II, we undertook a detailed review of Rwanda Tel and recommended options for privatisation of the state owned monopoly.

At the end of the study, the Rwandan Government accepted the majority of the team’s recommendations. The telecommunications sector in Rwanda, the foundations of which were laid by our team, is today robust and performing well.

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