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Assessing Tanzania’s Non-Tax Revenue Potential

Analysis of non-tax revenue yield of Tanzania's natural resources

Tanzania has vast wealth in natural resources (forestry, fisheries and minerals) and as such the non-tax revenue potential of the country is considerable.

Despite this, non-tax revenues account for less than 2% of total Government revenue.

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Assessing Tanzania's Non-Tax Revenue Potential


The Government needs to make extensive spending cuts across all ministries departments and agencies. This is due to a 3% decline in non-tax revenues as well as a decline in tax revenues and a fall in donor funding.

Adam Smith International is undertaking an analysis of non-tax revenues in Tanzania in order to estimate and analyse the potential revenue yield of the country’s natural resources. In addition, we are examining the potential of non-tax revenue in various Public and Statutory Corporations.

We are also reviewing the current policy, regulatory and administrative processes that are in place and how improvements to these systems can lead to an improvement in non-tax revenue collection.

This analysis will lead to a number of recommendations being made to the Government on how to improve non-tax revenue collection.

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